What is an Ambassador, you say?

Ambassadors specialise in two different areas: Community Engagement and Recruiting

  • Recruiting Ambassadors are very active members of their local community who want to help us put Karma on the map in their area! They go to the places we cannot and recruit new locations to start saving good food with Karma.
  • Community Engagement Ambassadors are very active members of the online Karmunity and these individuals can come in different shapes and sizes. Do you like to get people excited about Zero Food Waste? You can post pictures, ask engaging questions, hold meet-ups, welcome new-comers, share your blogs and more!

How Does it Work?  

If you want to specialise in recruiting, you must first complete our application process. As a Recruiting Ambassador, you are representing Karma so we want to make sure we find the right people!! Once you have completed the application, you will be notified whether or not you have been approved and given further steps. 

If you want to specialise in community engagement, start collecting reputation points by posting, commenting, and receiving hearts on your content! Once you have enough points you will unlock your first badge which will give you access to special perks, exclusive competitions and recognition within the Karmunity!

Note: You cannot be an ambassador before completing this application process

Don't forget we have Rules!

As in everything, there are certain standards we hold for our Ambassadors. If you do not maintain these standards, you may be revoked of your Ambassador title but of course you will still be a Karmunity Member. Being an Ambassador with Karma is a fun and rewarding experience, but it is also a responsibility!! 

I heard something about Points and Money??

Our Ambassadors that specialise in recruiting are paid by Karma based on new locations signing, activating, and selling. These ambassadors also are paid if they get new Recruiting Ambassadors on board who get new locations selling. Those who recruit and engage in the Karmunity are also able to collect reputation points and can unlock recruiting badges giving them further access to awesome opportunities and recognition!

Our Ambassadors who specialise in Karmunity Engagement collect reputation points and work their way towards unlocking badges giving them access to special perks, exclusive competitions and recognition within the Karmunity!

Still Curious?

Click on Become an Ambassador on the top left or follow this link to read more and sign up!