What can you do on the Karmunity? We're glad you asked!

Any member of the Karmunity can post, share a picture, ask a question or start a discussion. This is content driven by YOU! You can heart ♥️posts and comments you like and add your own comments to posts to collect reputation points. For every 200 reputation points, you add 1 Karmunity point to our Kompost Pot. After we reach our collective goal there will be a special surprise! The more reputation points you get, the closer you get to unlocking your first badge! Learn more about the levels here.

Great! How do I start?

First, make sure you complete your profile! Upload a profile picture and tell us which country you are from🌍and a little bio in the "About you" section. Please leave the title blank as that is where your level in the Karmunity will be displayed! Next, why don't you introduce yourself to the Karmunity?? Then you chose! You can join your Country Group (and let us know if it is not there and we can start one for you!), browse the topics and post, comment, like, and start collecting points!

What can you NOT do on the Karmunity?

Everyone is welcome to the Karmunity and we are here because we share the same vision: Zero Food Waste! That means there is no tolerance of negative posts, comments, or questions. Other Zero Food Waste companies are not to be talked poorly of: this is a community for cause and not one of competition☮︎If we see any Karmunity member posting negative, discriminatory, or harmful content that member will be immediately asked to leave.  

Who is part of the Karmunity?

Karmunity Members: Anyone who signs up will be a Karmunity Member

Ambassadors: Those who want to become more involved in taking Karma to their hometown or engaging the online community to the next level! You can learn more if you go to our Ambassador Tour Page

We are growing and evolving!

While the Karmunity grows, changes will happen and we would appreciate your input and help! If you have any specific questions about the Karmunity feel free to ask here, otherwise go to our "Suggestions & Feedback" topic on the left panel if you want to tell us how you think we can make the Karmunity better. As we tweak things please bear in mind we may make mistakes as well as put refinements on our points and reward system.